Our multi-surface cleaners are designed to cut deep into dirt, grime, and other hard to sanitize areas in your house. Made specifically to clean any bathroom and kitchen mess and leaves a pleasent smell that will make you and your family happy.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

SKU: 0004
  • Due to the high demand of our items it is impossible to find specific brands consistently. So, to fix this issue we separate products by size and give a list of possible brands you could receive. For example, if you order 32 oz of disinfectant spray you may receive 32 oz of Purell, Lysol, or a store brand spray. Either way you will receive 32 oz of safe, quality disinfectant spray and get them on a reliable basis.

    Possible brands on this listing: Pine-Sol

    *Note that these are not the only brands you can receive, and these are subject to change .


  • Due to the nature of the products available on this site, all purchases are final and there are no returns. Despite this if there is a problem with the order on our end, we are more than willing to help resolve those issues. Simply use our contact tool on the website to reach us. If the problem cannot be resolved a refund can be issued if deemed necessary.

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