We are a small simple company that is committed to keeping families safe.  This is our mission and all of our actions are done to see that goal realized. We saw a need in our community and an opportunity to help people so we found a way to do just that. By using some ingenuity and hard work we are able to get items that are otherwise unobtainable by the average shopper and give people the chance to properly protect their family during this pandemic. We get to the store when it opens so you don't have to.  We gather all the items that are sold out everywhere else and give everyone a chance to get the quarantine essentials. To that end, our representatives have worked extremely hard to build a large stock of items for you to receive. Our store delivers disinfectant products at the best price possible, and there should be no discrepancy in what you see on our site and what you receive and if there are any problems please use the contact tool on our site to have your issue resolved.


We understand that online orders can be tricky so we made it a point to make the process as simple and as stream lined as possible. Once your order has been received you will get a confirmation E-mail with your order and shipping number, most are sent between 10-15 mins. Please remember how our listings work when placing an order; there is no guarantee you will receive a certain brand when ordering any item on the shop. However, we do guarantee you will receive the correct size and quantity of the item you have ordered and the ability to order them on a consistent basis.


Your order will be shipped within 2-5 business days once the order has been received, mail average delivery times apply. Typically you can expect your package to be delivered in 2-5 business days, although due to the pandemic delays are expected. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order has shipped. All items will arrive pre-disinfected. Customer satisfaction is a serious priority of ours so If there are any issues with your order please use the contact us tool on the web site, or send an E-mail to quarantineessentialsshop@gmail.com.




Due to the nature of the products available on this site, all purchases are final and there are no returns. Nevertheless, if there is a problem with the order on our end, we are more than willing to help resolve those issues. Simply use our contact tool on the website to reach us. If the problem cannot be resolved a refund can be issued if deemed necessary.

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